Common Problems

Issue 1 - HTTP 500 ERROR

If you get this issue when you go to your domain, do the following:

  • Copy the contents of your config.php and put it through a PHP syntax checker, if an error comes up, just fix the issue, usually you probably removed the ' or ; by accident.

  • If thats, not the issue, then its to do with your SQL connection. Recheck all your SQL details in the config and make sure they are correct. Make sure the SQL file is imported into your database and if your on cpanel, make sure to add your user privileges to the database.

If you are still receiving this error then make sure you have correctly Licensed your domain.

License Portal

Do not add http:// or https:// in front of it and no / at the end!

Issue 2 - Invalid Redirect URL

If you get this issue when logging in, do the following:

  • In your config.php. check the domain is correct spelled and in the correct format. Eh. https://cad.domain.tld (There cant be any / at the end)

  • Then go to the discord developer portal, navigate to your bot -> oauth2. Make sure the link is correct. Eg. https://cad.domain.tld/actions/register.php

Issue 3 - Discord count not working on Community Site

If your Discord count is not working on your community site then what you can do is -

Login to your Discord Developer Portal, access your bot used in your config then ensure that all intents are enabled on your bot.

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