Web Installation

This documentation is written using SimplisticNode's cPanel web hosting.


Once you've purchased the product, head over to store.hamz.dev, in the top right click your Discord ID then you'll be presented with the products you own. Click the Download button next to Hamz Staff Elite Panel.

To download the in-game assets, head to your keymaster and download it from there. It should be named "Report & Staff Menu - FiveM Resource".

Choosing a Domain

You now have to decide if you want to access your staff panel via your main domain, or a sub-domain.

A main domain would be hamz.dev

A sub-domain would be staff.hamz.dev

If you want to use the main domain, please continue with the instructions below. However, if you want to use a sub-domain, pause here, and click here to learn how to set up a sub-domain.


Go to https://license.hamzcad.com/ and add your domain there or else you wont be able to login!

Minimum Requirements

  1. PHP Version 7.4

  2. Ability to run cron jobs (scheduled tasks) by the minute, and hourly

Uploading the Files

Next, head into your Web Hosting control panel.

Under the Files tab, select File Manager.

Once the File Manager has opened in a separate tab, select public_html

If you wish to use a sub-domain, select the appropriate folder otherwise click Upload in the menu at the top.

Select the .zip folder that you previously downloaded from the store.

Extracting the Files

Once the files have been uploaded, right-click on the new .zip folder and click Extract.

Once you've accepted the following Extract prompts, you'll then be presented with two folders. One is your .zip file, and one is the folder you just extracted; you can now delete the .zip folder.

File Management

Enter the "WEB FILES" folder.

Click "Select All" from the above menu, and drag them all into the correct folder in the structure on the left. Example: public_html

MySQL Database

You now need to create a database and user for the staff panel to run on.

Head back into cPanel, and look for MySQL Databases

Under the New Database, enter a unique name for the CAD database. Example: staffpanel

Once the name is chosen, select Create Database.

Next, you'll need to make a MySQL User. Scroll down on the same page to the Add New User section. Again, choose a unique name for the username. Example: admin

Use cPanel to generate a unique password, and save it to a notepad document.

Once you've got the password, saved, click Use Password which will then fill out the form fully, and hit Create User.

Next, we need to add the permissions to the user to the database we've just created. At the bottom of the page select the User and Database and then click Add.

Ensure that All Privileges are selected, so that it has full permissions to that database. Once completed click Make Changes.

Database Import

Now that we have the database created, we're going to want to import the database that comes with the CAD system to that database we've just made.

Head back into cPanel, but this time select PHPMyAdmin.

Select the database you've just created from the left menu.

Select Import from the menu bar

Select the .mysql file that was in the downloaded folder.

Lastly, click Import.

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