Common Issues

Common issues and fixes for those issues

If you have any issues, check this page, also make sure you configured the script correctly, and visit:

for help in configuring your resources.

1. No players in the admin menu

Your server name does not match the one in the config.php. Visit In-Game Configuration - Admin Menu, and make sure you set the server name the same way it states.

2. Being spammed with an error in my server console!!

Check your config files (config.php and config.lua) and make sure they are set up correctly. Visit In-Game Configuration - Report Menu and In-Game Configuration - Admin Menu to confirm that you have done everything right.

If everything is correct, you'll most likely need to do the following [OPTIONAL] Apache Headers

3. I get "Missing Parameters" error on the panel.

You are getting this error because the panel cannot access your database; this could be because of incorrect credentials or improper permissions.

For certain individuals, if you run into an issue. DO NOT SKIP THE STEP; figure out why it's not working, then move on to the next installation step.

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