Database and SQL

We will be using a Shared Hosting package, login to cPanel. (Recommened hosting - HamzHosting)

Head to the MySQL Databases in cPanel.

Now, after clicking on the button you will create a new MySQL Database. You can do so by simply typing the name of your Database and hitting "Create Database".

Fill in the name that you want to call your database and then we will create the admin user that can access the Database, you will need this for the next few steps.

You now want to head to the bottom of the page in your MySQL Databases and "Create a user".

Ensure that the password you put here is written down elsewhere and put aside for further steps.

After creating your admin user, you now want to give that user admin access to your chosen Database. On the same page, navigate "Add User To Database", you will see the "user" and the "database".

After adding the user, you will be prompted with a Privileges page, you will want to chose the top option "All Privileges". You then want to press "Make Changes".

Now that you have created your Database and your Admin user, you want to upload your SQL. You can head back to the main page in cPanel and find the "PHPMyAdmin" button right near your "MySQL Databases" button.

When you have logged into your PHPMyAdmin, you will see a list of Databases on the left side of your screen. You will see the Database you created, click on it. After clicking on your Database, you will see a few options at the top as shown in the picture below. You want to chose the "Import" option.

After clicking into "Import" you will be asked to "Choose File", You can find your SQL file provided in your downloaded product typically in it's own "SQL" folder. You will select and upload that file.

You've now completed your Database and SQL installation, please continue.

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