FiveM Resource


Add the hamz-panel resource into the resource folder. The resource can be located in the product download FIVEM SCRIPTS folder.

Step 2 - Configuring the hamz-panel resource.

Open the config.lua and edit to your liking

Step 3 - Installing the requirements

3.1 - RCON

Enable rcon and set the password. add these 2 lines in your server.cfg

ensure rconlog rcon_password "PASSWORDHERE"

rconlog is a default FiveM resource. But is also provided in the download.

3.2 - Badger Discord API

Download badgers discord api: link Install and configure his API resource: Badgers Documentation

Step 4 - Extra Info

4.1 - Not Authorized error?

If you get a error that you are not authorized to use the resource then create a ticket so we can whitelist your server IP.

4.2 - Still getting a Not Authorized error

Make sure the resource is named hamz-panel renaming the resource will not work.

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