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Making Forms

Easily make your own forms!
  • Go to forms/exampleform.php
  • Create a duplicate of exampleform.php and name it whatever you want
  • Inside the <form> tags, edit the questions to your likings, you can have as many as you like.
  • Once you create the questions, you need to edit the id, name and for tags. Eg. set them all to question4.
  • Then scroll up to the "//EDIT START", here you need to edit/add your questions ids which you did previously. $question4 = htmlentities($_POST['question4']);
  • Then set the $FORM_CHANNEL_ID, this is the channel where the response will be sent to.
  • Then you just need to edit/add the fields with the ids you set earlier. Eg. $log->addField("Question 4:", $question4, false);
  • Lastly, you need to go to the config.php and edit the $FORMS array, and add your new form to it following the example given.
Last modified 1yr ago